In its nearly two-decade long history, Tufts Mock Trial has attended over 100 tournaments, competed at the National Championship 10 times, and finished in the top 10 at Nationals 4 times.

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2020 - 2021

Presidents: Bennett Demsky and Celina Vidal


Tufts A: Bennett Demsky and Oliver Marsden

Tufts B: Celina Vidal and Tyler Whitaker

Tufts C: Ross Krantz and Carina Lo

Tufts D: Nyla Samee and Dean Lu


Team Becketacair: Jess Parillo and Will Wilson

Team Kislandani: Bennett Demsky and Brett Sachs

Team Eddbergo: Celina Vidal and Alexander Thompson

Team Bliushay: Tyler Whitaker and Fatima Lawan

All-American Attorneys: Bennett Demsky

All-American Witnesses: Alexander Thompson

All-National Attorneys: Will Wilson, Jess Parillo

All-National Witnesses: Brett Sachs

All-Regional Attorneys: Bennett Demsky, Will Wilson, Jess Parillo, Marie Kazibwe, Ross Krantz

All-Regional Witnesses: Brett Sachs, Emma Mandziuk

National Championship Tournament

Tufts A: 11-5-0, 2nd Place


Tufts B: 7-4-1


Tufts A: 10-0-2, 1st Place

Regional 3-C

Tufts A: 8-0-0, 1st Place

Regional 2-B

Tufts C: 5-2-1, 5th Place

Regional 1-F

Tufts D: 4-3-1

Regional 1-G

Tufts B: 7-0-1, 1st Place

Cactus Classic

Tufts C: 5-3-0

Great Chicago Fire Invitational

Tufts A: 5-3-0, 3rd Place

Swamp Invitational

Tufts D: 3-5-0



Tufts B: 3-5-0

Beach Party Invitational

Tufts A: 7-2-0, 3rd Place

Tufts B: 4-3-1, 3rd Place



Team Bliushay: 6-4-2, 6th Place


Yale Invitational

Team Kislandani: 5-2-1, 4th Place

Team Eddbergo: 6-2-0, 2nd Place


Mock at the Rock Invitational

Team Bliushay: 6-2-0, 6th Place


Tobacco Road Invitational

Team Becketacair: 3-4-1


Mumbo Jumbo Invitational

Team Kislandani: 3-5-0

Team Eddbergo: 3-5-0


Scarlet and Gray Invitational

Team Becketacair: 3-5-0

2019 - 2020

Presidents: Arvind Goday and Maya Schoucair


Tufts A: Arvind Goday and Maya Schoucair

Tufts B: Katerina Kakkis and Bennett Demsky

Tufts C: Sarah Taketa and Jess Parillo

Tufts D: Tong Liu and Tyler Whitaker


Team Usatinsky: Maya Schoucair and Steven Becker

Team Alphonse: Leo Mandani and Celina Vidal

Team Kahn: Oliver Marsden and Ilana Goldberg

Team Friis: Arvind Goday and Will Porter


All-National Attorneys: Bennett Demsky

All-National Witnesses: Ilana Goldberg

All-Regional Attorneys: Steven Becker, Arvind Goday, Bennett Demsky

All-Regional Witnesses: Isabel Pentland


Lancaster ORCS

Tufts A: 6-2-0, 5th Place

Tufts B: 6-2-0


Owings Mills Regionals

Tufts A: 6-2-0, 3rd Place

Tufts B: 7-0-1, 1st Place


New Rochelle Regionals

Tufts C: 5-2-1, 5th Place

Tufts D: 3-4-1


Great Chicago Fire Invitational

Tufts A: 7-0-1, 1st Place


Hilltop Invitational

Tufts B: 6-1-1, 2nd Place


Yale Invitational

Tufts A: 5-2-1, 3rd Place

Tufts B: 7-1-0, 2nd Place


Black Squirrel Invitational

Team Usatinsky: 6-1-1, 2nd Place

Team Alphonse: 4-3-1


Mumbo Jumbo Invitational

Team Kahn: 5-3-0, 5th Place

Team Friis: 5-3-0


Happy Valley Invitational

Team Usatinsky: 5-3-0

Team Alphonse: 1-6-1

2018 - 2019

Presidents: Emma Kahn and Kayleigh Milano


Tufts A: Emma Kahn and Emil Friis

Tufts B: Leo Mandani and Arvind Goday

Tufts C: Oliver Marsden and Emily Barshay


Team McTaylor: Emil Friis and Tong Liu

Team Capblatt: Emma Kahn and Oliver Marsden

Team Fallamillo: Steven Becker and Mark Usatinsky

Team Nassowers: Leo Mandani and Kayleigh Milano


All-American Witnesses: Arvind Goday

All-National Attorneys: Steven Becker, Kayleigh Milano, Ashley Alphonse

All-Regional Attorneys: Steven Becker, Oliver Marsden

All-Regional Witnesses: Kayleigh Milano, Tyler Whitaker, Dean Lu


National Championship Tournament

Tufts A: 6-8-2


Chestnut Hill ORCS

Tufts A: 7-0-1, 2nd Place

Tufts B: 4-4


Princeton Regionals

Tufts B: 6-2, 3rd Place

Tufts C: 3-5


New Rochelle Regionals

Tufts A: 7-1, 2nd Place


Shutdown Showdown Invitational

Tufts A: 3-4-1


Hilltop Invitational

Tufts B: 4-4-0


Yale Invitational

Team Fallamillo: 4-3-1

Team Capblatt: 5-3-0


Scarlet Knight

Team Nassowers: 7-1-0, 2nd Place


Brandeis Invitational

Team Fallamillo: 7-0-1, 1st Place

Team McTaylor: 6-1-1, 2nd Place


Mumbo Jumbo Invitational

Team Nassowers: 3-5-0

Team Capblatt: 5-3-0



Team McTaylor: 4-4-0

2017 - 2018

Presidents: Ben Reytblat and Ellie Powers


Tufts A: Ben Reytblat and Ellie Powers

Tufts B: Caroline McBrien and Madison Taylor

Tufts C: Isabel Pentland and Jack Eddy

Tufts D: Sarah Taketa and Tong Liu


Team Jejurikar: Ben Reytblat and Emil Friis

Team Sagan: Ashley Alphonse and Caroline McBrien

Team Zislam: Nick Fallah and Madison Taylor

Team Sinha: Ellie Powers and Kayleigh Milano


All-American Witnesses: William Porter

All-National Attorneys: Kayleigh Milano

All-National Witnesses: William Porter

All-Regional Attorneys: Kayleigh Milano, Caroline McBrien, Madison Taylor, Jack Eddy

All-Regional Witnesses: Alexander Jaramillo, Katerina Kakkis


National Championship 

Tufts A: 7-4-1, 6th Place


Central Islip ORCS

Tufts A: 6-2-0, 4th Place

Tufts B: 5-3-0


Princeton Regionals

Tufts A: 6-2-0, 5th Place

Tufts C: 6-0-2, 2nd Place


New Haven Regionals

Tufts B: 6-2-0, 6th Place

Tufts D: 3-4-1


The Downtown

Tufts A: 5-13-2


Hilltop Invitational

Tufts B: 3-5-0


Yale Invitational

Tufts A: 6-2-0, 3rd

Tufts B: 4-4-0


Quaker Classic

Team Sinha: 6-2-0, 7th Place


Brandeis Invitational

Team Jejurikar: 4-4-0

Team Sagan: 6-2-0, 5th Place


Mumbo Jumbo Invitational

Team Zislam: 4-4-0


Tobacco Road Invitational

Team Sagan: 5-2-1


Happy Valley Invitational

Team Sinha: 5-3-0, 5th Place



Team Jejurkar: 7-1-0, 1st Place

Team Zislam: 4-4-0

2016 - 2017

Presidents: Shashank Jejurikar and Caroline McBrien


Tufts A: Shashank Jejurikar and Caroline McBrien

Tufts B: Zabir Islam and Emma Kahn

Tufts C: Emil Friis and Emily Hoffman

Tufts D: Ashley Alphonse and Joe Caplan


Team Sweiss: Ben Reytblat and Emil Friis

Team Grosch: Zabir Islam

Team Lorenzen: Atreyo Sinha and Madison Taylor

Team Berzok: Shashank Jejurikar and Ben Reytblat


All-Regional Attorneys: Shashank Jejurikar, Zabir Islam

All-Regional Witnesses: Ellie Powers



Tufts A: 3-5-0

Tufts B: 3-4-1


Boston Regionals

Tufts A: 7-1-0, 2nd Place

Tufts B: 3-5-0


New York Regionals

Tufts B: 6-2-0, 6th Place

Tufts D: 3-3-2


Hilltop Invitational

Tufts A: 4-4-0


Yale Invitational

Team Berzok: 3-5-0

Team Lorenzen: 6-2-0, 1st Place



Team Sweiss: 4-4-0


Brandeis Invitational

Team Grosch: 7-0-1, 1st Place



Team Grosch: 5-3-0


Mumbo Jumbo Invitational

Team Sweiss: 4-4-0


Happy Valley Invitational

Team Berzok: 5-3-0

Team Lorenzen: 4-2-2



Team Powers-Fallah: 2-4-2

2015 - 2016

Presidents: Sara Weiss and Katie Grosch


Tufts A: Sara Weiss and Katie Grosch

Tufts B: Zabir Islam and Caroline McBrien

Tufts C: Ginetta Sagan and Taylor Hodhod


Team XuTelekLyons: Shashank Jejurikar and Zabir Islam

Team Parsonsteino: Katie Grosch

Team Fierce: Sara Weiss and Atreyo Sinha

All-National Attorneys: Sara Weiss

All-Regional Attorneys: Ginetta Sagan

All-Regional Witnesses: Andrew Nassar


Wilmington ORCS

Tufts A: 3-2-2

Tufts B: 3-5-0


New Haven Regionals

Tufts C: 7-1-0, 3rd Place


Central Islip Regionals

Tufts A: 7-1-0, 2nd Place

Tufts B: 3-4-1


The Downtown

Tufts A: 5-5-0, 5th Place


Yale Invitational

Team XuTelekLyons: 4-4-0

Team Fierce: 4-3-1


Brandeis Invitational

Team Parsonsteino: 7-1-0, 2nd Place


Commonwealth Classic

Team XuTelekLyons: 8-0-0, 1st Place



Team Parsonsteino: 3-4-1

2014 - 2015

Presidents: Nick Teleky and Anna Lyons


Tufts A: Nick Teleky and Anna Lyons

Tufts B: Sara Weiss and Katie Grosch

Tufts C: Sophie Maki and Zabir Islam

Tufts D: Shashank Jejurikar


Team Sokol: Nick Teleky and Will Lorenzen

Team Pilchik-Watts: Sara Weiss and Eve Feldberg

Team Lasko: Mandy Xu and Zabir Islam

Team Kurland: Anna Lyons and Katie Grosch


All-American Attorneys: Nick Teleky

All-American Witnesses: Ben Kurland

All-National Attorneys: Nick Teleky

All-National Witnesses: Anna Lyons

All-Regional Attorneys: Sara Weiss, Sophie Maki

All-Regional Witnesses: Shashank Jejurikar


National Championship

Tufts A: 7-5, 5th Place


State College ORCS

Tufts A: 6-1-1, 6th Place

Tufts B: 4-4-0


Bristol Regionals

Tufts C: 6-2-0, 5th Place

Tufts D: 4-3-1


Manchester Regionals

Tufts A: 7-1, 2nd Place

Tufts B: 7-1, 3rd Place



Tufts A: 8-3-1, 4th Place



Team Pilchik-Watts: 5-3-0, 5th Place



Team Lasko: 2-1-5


Happy Valley Invitational

Team Kurland: 6-2-0, 3rd Place

Team Sokol: 4-4-0

2013 - 2014

Brian Pilchik (’14) and Nicholas Teleky (’15) were elected as Co-Presidents in 2013. The fall semester started with a strong showing at Brandeis, with Tufts teams placing third and fifth. Next, Tufts placed fifth at Columbia University’s Big Apple Invitational, third at American University’s WONK tournament, and third at our own Mumbo Jumbo tournament. The fall season ended with a second-place victory at Yale. In the spring, Tufts earned three bids to the Philadelphia, PA ORC, and at ORCS, Tufts earned one bid to the National Championship Tournament in Orlando, FL.  Tufts won one bid to the NCT in Orlando, FL. The team went 5-7 in the three-judge tournament, earning Nicholas Teleky his first All-American Attorney award and Samantha Sokol (’14) double-sided All-American Witness awards. Samantha Sokol was the highest-ranked witness at the tournament. 

2012 - 2013
In 2012, Lindsey Wright (’13) was re-elected to the presidency, alongside newly-elected Anna Lyons (’15). This semester, TMT’s fall invitational schedule expanded past the Northeast for the first time. Tufts began the season with our second consecutive first-place win at the Thanksgiving Classic at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. TMT followed up that win with impressive second place finishes at both Penn State’s Happy Valley Invitational and the Inaugural Boston College Invitational. In the spring, TMT earned an unprecedented four bids to ORCS from the Manchester, NH and Boston, MA Regionals, with each of its four teams placing among the top seven at each tournament. TMT travelled to Easton, Pennsylvania for one of the most challenging ORCs in AMTA’s history, and won two bids to Nationals with second- and third-place finishes for the A and B team, respectively. TMT had won the maximum possible number of bids for a single school at each level of competition, and for the first time, Tufts brought two teams to the NCT in Washington, D.C. Tufts finished 4-8 and 3-9 in the three-judge tournament, earning Mario Feola (’15) his first All-American Witness award.


2011 - 2012
Nicholas LoCastro (’12) and Lindsey Wright (’13) became Co-Presidents in 2011 following the departure of Tomas Garcia (‘12), who was elected TCU Senate President. After selecting the biggest new-member class in its history, TMT expanded to four competing teams for the first year. TMT took first at the Mumbo Jumbo Invitational, and then first again at the Thanksgiving Classic at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. For the first time, Tufts took first place at the Yale Mock Trial Invitational, widely regarded to be the most competitive invitational in the Northeast. In the spring, the teams took two bids out of Boston, MA, for their second appearance at the White Plains ORC. There, TMT won a bid to their third consecutive National Championship Tournament, this time in Minneapolis, MN. The team flew to Minneapolis and finished 3-4-1, and Nicholas LoCastro picked up another All-American Attorney award.




2010 - 2011
Under the leadership of Tomas Garcia (‘12) and Jon Lautin (‘11), TMT continued to grow. Tufts won its first two invitational tournaments in the fall, finishing 8-0 at UNH’s Wildcat Invitational and our own Mumbo Jumbo Invitational. The depth of talent TMT’s members began to show, as members of all classes began picking up personal awards at every invitational Tufts attended. In the spring, Tufts qualified two teams to ORCs, finishing 6-1-1 and 6-2 at the Worcester Regional. This marked the improvement of Tufts as a program, solidifying the status of our B team as a competitive entity. For the second year in a row, we attended the NCT, having placed 4th at the White Plains ORC. After receiving supplemental funding to compete at the National Championship Tournament, Team 1602 flew to Iowa and competed against multiple former National Champions in the Conlin Division. We finished with a record of 6-2, resulting in a third-place finish and earning Nicholas LoCastro both an All-American Attorney award and an All-American Witness award. As a result of this NCT finish, only 5 years after our first appearance at a regional tournament, TMT was ranked 5th amongst all programs in the nation.






2009 - 2010
In 2009-2010, under the direction of Co-Presidents Rebekah Sokol (’10) and Jon Lautin (’11), TMT continued to improve. The second annual Mumbo Jumbo Invitational proved to be a huge success, with more teams in attendance, better competition, and an improved judging pool. This year’s tournament laid the foundation for Mumbo Jumbo to be regarded as one of the best invitational tournaments in the Northeast. In the spring, TMT won one bid at the Providence, RI Regional, as well as four individual awards. An uneven reshuffling of regionals kept TMT from picking up at second bid. Team 1602 then went on to compete at the Boston ORC, where Tufts finished with a 7-1 record, qualifying us for the NCT for the first time in our short history.








2008 - 2009
TMT elected two new Co-Presidents, Jim Wright (’09) and Rebekah Sokol (’10), while outgoing Co-President Jeffrey Kiok (’09) graduated early and became an alumni coach. The program expanded to four teams after competitive tryouts. Co-President Rebekah Sokol and coach Jeffrey Kiok co-taught an Explorations Course (an advising option for incoming Tufts first-year students) in the fall semester, while Rebekah and Jim taught the annual Mock Trial Quidnunc course in the spring semester. Additionally, in November, the program hosted the First Annual Mumbo Jumbo Invitational Tournament, which was quite successful. TMT had a very successful season, expanding within the Tufts community. TMT won two bids out of the Boston Regional to the Memphis, Tennessee Opening Round Championship (ORC). Furthermore, two additional Tufts teams competed in the Bristol, Rhode Island Regional, winning another bid there to an ORC in Greenville, South Carolina. TMT ultimately declined its third bid, and sent two teams to Memphis. At the 2009 Memphis ORC, team 1402 garnered 5 wins, receiving an honorable mention and coming up 1 win short of qualifying for the National Championship, while team 1401 won 3 ballots. 









2007 - 2008
TMT attended various invitationals, and sent two teams to the New Haven Regional and one team to the Bristol Regional. The program ran a Quidnunc Course through the Tufts Experimental College, allowing members to advance their skills and receive academic credit for the significant work done throughout the year. This year, TMT achieved its first bid out of New Haven to the Hamilton, Ohio Opening Round Championship (ORC), having placed third overall at New Haven. In Ohio, the Tufts team ranked well against the high-caliber competition.









2006 - 2007
TMT went to its first invitational tournament, the Crimson Classic, in the fall semester. In the spring, TMT sent two teams to the Jamaica, Queens Regional in New York City. During the off-season, TMT went through a significant re-organization, creating the forerunner of its present Constitution, as well as solidifying its financial position with the Tufts Community Union.










2005 - 2006
TMT competed at Clark University again in 2006. That year, however, TMT was beset by bureaucratic and financial difficulties. These were surmounted by the time regionals began. Upon the completion of 2005-2006 season, Hailey Fitzgerald (’08) and Jeffrey Kiok (’09) were elected as incoming Co-Presidents, and began a plan of expanding the program to two teams.












2003 - 2005
Tufts Mock Trial was founded in 2003 by then-sophomores Sam Bookin (’06) and Lindsey Lautin (’06). Both had competed in high school mock trial, but were dismayed to find that there was no mock trial program at Tufts University. During that first year, Sam and Lindsey established the foundations for the organization that would become Tufts Mock Trial and visited a Regional Tournament at Princeton to learn how collegiate mock trial was conducted. The following season, Tufts Mock Trial competed in its first regional at Clark University.